The Breeding Stock

    I started my pigeon loft in Las Vegas with imported birds that I refer to as my root stock. I extended my breeding stock from that foundation. Here I will explain what my root stock is and where they came from. Most of my other breeders came from these birds. In browsing the breeder pages you will see the pedigree charts that show the parents for each bird.

    In 1997, Pascal Norohna , visited England and Irland and imported birds from Harry Shannon. Anyhow, 3 pairs of those imports ended up in my loft. Through all these years they produced many quality flyers. Some were exceptional flyers. Some I kept for breeders, some were cought by falcons or were lost in training and some of them have been sold or given as presents to my friends in New York, California, Arizona, Louisiana, Maryland, Texas, and Deleware. Everyone who has these birds has been pleased with their looks and flying ability.

    Except for 2 cocks from Richard Kehrer, and a hen from David Fuller, the rest of my breeders were bred in my loft. They were proven flyers and now they have proven to be good parents and are producing good flyers.

    My loft is designed with 6 breeding boxes to accomodate 6 breeding pairs. I have more breeders than that but during breeding season I am switching hens and cocks to try out different matches and improve my overall stock.

    I am very happy with my birds, both the way they look and the way they breed and fly.