Pigeon Record Program

Revised May 13, 2011

The Program (Version 2011-03-02)

This program will keep track of and print charts, nesting records, and has a breeder and a data base. Once breeders are entered in a couple of places, pedigree charts and data base entries are automatically filled out for new offspring so you don't need to keep typing new entries and forms. It will also add a picture (jpg or bmp) of your bird to the pedigree chart, nesting box info files and data base files. This version will only work on computers with a screen resolution of 1024 or higher.

First Time Users

The Setup file will install the program on your computer, create a folder and the photo sub-folder, and put the necessary files where they belong.

Users of Previous Versions

Previous versions created over 30 data files - one for each year. This latest version uses a total of 6 data files for use in the program. If you have been using an older version of the program (that created 30 data files) and have entries that you don't want to lose, you will need to run the conversion program. The conversion program won't make any changes to your original data files. You simply put the conversion file in the same folder where your old files are located and run it. It will create a separate sub-folder with 6 new data files in it. You then copy and past these new data files into the folder where your new program is located and your old entries are now available to the new program.You can get the conversion progran HERE

User Manual

A full-featured PDF Manual for this program has not been made yet, but a simple text file for how to use the program is available and can be used to get you started. Once you do a few simple first steps the first time you run the program, the rest is pretty much self-explanetory so it may be all you will need. You can get it HERE

Download for Windows XP and earlier HERE

Download for Windows 7 HERE

**** Breeding Record Cards ****

This is an Adobe PDF file that you can print and cut out the cards to use in your loft. You can DOWNLOAD it here.