Young Bird Flyers

The door is opened and the flyers head for
the open sky.

The young flyers are feeling their wings - tipplers love
to fly.

As soon as the droppers are released 1 tippler broke from
the kit and came diving home solo.

A few minutes later the rest of the kit came down together.

These young trainees joyously gobble-up their reward
for a job well done.

Tipplers love to fly but they also enjoy the comfort
and security of their loft. These young birds don't hesitate
to get back inside.

Training Young Bird Flyers

     Training young flyers is the most important part of the Tippler sport because it provides the foundation that everything else is based upon. Without well trained flyers all you have is a loft full of pigeons. Different Tippler hobbyists may use slightly different techniques but they all have some technique for training and flying their birds.

    The method I use consists of (1) Separating the young birds from their parents and teaching them to eat barley. (2) Introducing them to droppers and teaching them to respond to the droppers. (3) Getting them familiar with their surroundings and teaching them to land. (4) Begin flying them.

    An essential part of my method is keeping control of the young birds by a carefully planned feeding and flying schedule.