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How to Order

  1. Make a check or money order for $45 made out to Nash Milic.
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Or, if you have any questions you can call me at (702)250-2797.

Tippler Training Video

About the Video

The movie is one hour long and is on a DVD. It takes up such topics as managing a loft, droppers, training young birds for day and night flying and preparation for competition for young and old birds. The movie is narrated to explain in detail what is taking place so it is easy to follow what is being done and why. The narration fills in details and some training and feeding proceedures that are not shown on the video. When and how much to feed is stressed over what to feed tipplers.


  1. Flyers and Droppers: Talks about droppers and their relationship to flyers. Explains teaching droppers to attract flyers and teaching flyers to respond to droppers.
  2. Breeding Loft: Shows an example of loft management and breeding boxes based upon Nash's experience in breeding tipplers.
  3. Young Bird Training: The main point of the movie is young bird training. This chapter explains in some detail the training of young tipplers from the first time outside to their eventual participation in competition flying.
  4. Young Bird Night Fly: Gives important tips for training young birds to fly at night.
  5. Competition Day: Explains how Nash prepares his flyers for competition day by giving important tips about pre-competition feeding and flying schedules among other things.

Video format

This DVD can be made for any system, NTSC or Pal. It can be played on most DVD players. To see which broadcast system your country uses Click here